Homemaking in the Last Frontier is back!

Before, when this blog was up and running, I never felt I had enough to say or enough content so I deleted the blog and moved on.

In the past few years I’ve been hunting, homeschooling, and now we are about to BUILD a home!

Since we are going to do most of the building ourselves I thought it would be fun to show the process. I am always looking for building blogs or videos online so I hope there are others who will find this build interesting.

Here in Alaska building is quite different from many of the Lower 48′ states. So even if you aren’t looking to build in the future, it may still be interesting to some in people working the trades in warmer climates. My husband is a journeyman plumber so that will be one area I’ll be able to show cool details about.

We will, Lord willing, be starting our house whenever the ground and weather allows.

I will also be sharing hunting trips, homeschooling posts, and other random homemaking/life ideas, photos and happenings.


Thanks for visiting!


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