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The Property

Homemaking in the Last Frontier is back!

In the years since I deleted the blog I have been homeschooling, hunting, gardening, canning, then we sold our house.

We are currently living right in town in a little rental home. (Living in town is strange! I miss my chickens and privacy!)

Before we sold our home we bought property just a mile further down our road to build on.

We loved our home but it was time for us to build our “forever home”. We bought 2.46 acres of VERY treed property in a great subdivision (our “subdivision” is a large group of acres divided into about 2.5 acre lots each down at the end of a country road) about 7 miles from town.

I am so excited about building and having a home we feel permanent in. I want to build a greenhouse and my husband would love a shop. Building those expensive additions knowing we wouldn’t be there long term seemed silly.

As I mentioned, we bought our property already, actually a year ago this coming May.

Last summer we spent day after day clearing the heavily treed lot. My husband, our two kids and myself all pitched in and worked together. My husband did most of the tree cutting. He would then saw the limbs off the trees that the kids and I would burn in brush fires. Sometimes we had multiple fires going throughout the property. A few times we rented a large chipper and chipped trees and brush shooting the chips into the trees we left. We cleared out the driveway and about an acre in the middle. Leaving a nice large dense buffer between our one future neighbor and the quiet road. This past summer was the year of the bees! Man were they bad! It seemed every other stump had a huge swarm and every large tree a nest.

What a great experience clearing your future home property as a family. Sure we could have hired heavy equipment to to do it all in a day, but where is the fun in that? We go down there now and see what we accomplished last summer and feel great satisfaction knowing we did it basically for free and with our own hands. Families in America need more of that satisfaction that comes from hard work done as a team. I’m so thankful for this opportunity. I cant wait to share it with you and hopefully encourage you in your future builds, or just show the process of cold climate construction. It is a tad different from the southern states. {wink}

We also hired out the driveway pad and septic. So we have a nice start on the spring.




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